Together, we can bring excellence, equity, and innovation to every public school in every neighborhood in Tacoma.

Enhancing Community Partnerships

When families, community groups, businesses and schools work together, young people succeed. You have my commitment: our school system works for every child and I will work to create enhanced community-school partnerships for our students. 

A Robust Education System

I will continue to support enhanced elementary reading curriculum while also working to ensure that we are maintaining high graduation rates so that our students are prepared to enter fruitful careers.

Health and Wellbeing

Healthier children do better in school and in life. I’ll work to ensure that that our schools continue to teach and nurture health and safety.

Supporting Our Staff and Teachers

Our staff and teachers are the District’s most important resource. I am grateful for their dedication and commitment to our youth.  We must continue to recruit and retain the best educators and provide the resources that they need to succeed.

My experience speaks for itself. I work in preventive medicine and clinical instruction, I am the team physician at Lincoln and Stadium High Schools, parent of Tacoma school children, and I come from a family of community focused educators. My background and the immersion of my family in our school system will continue to help me effectively lead and advocate for our schools.

I am ready to continue serving our children, our teachers, our staff, and you, our community. I look forward to working with you toward our shared goals.

- Enrique Leon, Tacoma School Board Director, Position 2